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    My matchmaking deal breakers. Editor’s note: Audrey Irvine is actually an elderly task supervisor for CNN.

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  • Her experiences into the internet dating business inspire her “Relationship Rant” column. Check always straight back each week on her behalf accept dating and connections.

    Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) — Liz orange, the self-professed connection neurotic fictional character on “30 Rock” recently turned famous for her guide on offer breakers.

    Within one event she indexed most, including if you should be over 30 and wear a reputation tag at your workplace, “that is a deal breaker!”

    The most common real-life offer breakers: married, homosexual, unclear he is gay, serial cheater.

    Listed here are my top ten deal breakers for internet dating:

    1) investing longer on individual brushing than i really do

    Whenever I consider just how long we stay within the dryer sweating amply in the hairdresser, I can not imagine any man spending that much opportunity at a barber store, or better yet with a hair stylist. (さらに…)

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